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Then and Now

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I posted pictures in another thread that it seems no one saw, so I will post some here too. I'll go ahead and say now, yes, he was too young when I got him, but I worked at it, and now, he is pretty much as good as you'd expect any other puppy to be.

And below are a couple I took yesterday.


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AWWW! What's his name?
He was a cute pup and sure grew into a handsome boy!
AWWW! What's his name?
Oh yeah!! I did forget to mention. His name is Rocky. Born May 10th (the day before mothers day this year).

Gotten from a BYB, which I regret doing it like that, but totally don't regret having him.
very cute ! and I love the pic with the bunny!!
so cute!!! he's turning into a very handsome dog!
really cute. wish you all the best with him :)
Very handsome! I love the bunny and dog under the bed picture, very adorable!
nice looking dog.
The pic of him and the bunny under the bed is absolutely precious!!
Awwwwh ! I got DJ when he was just over a year ole. I missed that cutesy puppy stage. Rockie's a good lookin young man !
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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