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The way Layla acts when she is scolded

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I have never had a dog behave so goofy when she's being scolded! It's so funny it always disarms me (which is her purpose, I'm sure). She had run away from me after I found a chewed up piece of stick-on tile she had pulled from the laundry room step.
As I was uploading and editing the video, she didn't like hearing the scolding any further, jumped up on the couch and buried her head behind my back.

Dogs :: Naughty Part II video by JazzNScout - Photobucket
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LOL!! That's so funny! She may be naughty but she's dang adorable!!!
Aww she's cute!
Her body language says it all...head turned sideways, trying not to have your eyes meet hers, a quick roll...she was sucking up. (trying to avoid conflict) Actually, she's a great communicator for a young pup!
Oh My! That's just too cute! She's a beautiful girl.:)
my GSD does this too! i should try and tape it, but he runs to me and pushes on my and whines
Ozzy does the same thing! A lot of the time, he'll roll completely on his back and paw the air with his front feet and just roll around. Haha.

So cute!
That's so cute! It's like she's fighting off the words and not letting them into her ears
That's so cute! It's like she's fighting off the words and not letting them into her ears
LOL, just like little kids!!
Zoe is the same way, looks away, paws her nose, won't look at you, squirms, and genuinely adorable. She is just now learned no sticks in the house actually means no sticks in the house,lol but there was a time I would walk in to see her drop her stick like "what mom". I would grab the stick, give a form uh uh, and chuck the stick outside to her dismay. She would squirm and sulk just like that I guess all GSD's are really this dramatic:D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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