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Alittle late... but relevant

Your talking about how alot of dogs this age get re-homed, my puppy is 7 months old according to the vet.. and it is a recent rescue... I can see how this is going to be challenging. He is acclimating to our home, becoming more comfortable, and he chewing on me and my daughters, he has started trying to get my cat, which until the last couple days wasn't a problem, he has suddenly become deaf when you call him, sometimes... previously he would 'stop' or respond to 'no' now that is gone out the window.. I thought about putting him in an obediance class but he is scared of other dogs... and I'm trying to keep him in a postive happy environment with minimal stress... hopefully we will be able to do this soon :crazy:

Even after only 2 weeks, I can see a really great dog... I really love him and not keeping him is not even an option, I can't imagine watching him grow from a puppy into this young dog, and then deciding to 'change your mind' but it was a blessing for me that someone dumped off, just a terrible mind set that people can have... BTW thanks for the info in this thread, I appreicate it alot.

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