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This is the age that you see pups getting re-homed or turned in to shelters. The "cute puppy stage" has worn off and the pup looks more adult so the puppy pass is now void.
Ramping up the NILIF and obedience classes(or anything to keep pup busy) will help get thru the difficult teenage year! Good luck to all of you that are going thru this!!!
Stark was almost fed the coyotes a few times during this stage... lol... does everyone remember my box spring?!

I can reassure you... it gets better!!!

Stark is 19 months old now and I can happily sigh in relief... seems like everyday is a step in the right direction to a balanced, confident, obedient dog.

I think the only thing that saved him is his good looks and big brown eyes! ;)

Take every day one day at a time and take a lot of deep breaths.. lol.
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