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The search for new food begins

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So Dallas has been on Canidae for 2 1/2 of his 3 1/2 yrs of life. He has a pretty sensitive stomach and I tried numerous foods before finally settling on Canidae which he has done well on. Now with the formula change I have to find a new food due to soft mushy stools that got worse through the week. So I will begin asking your opinions of various foods.

The first is Breeders Choice: Does anyone feed either the Pinnacle or the AvoDerm?

Also if you have suggestions, please feel free. I need to choose a food I can drive and get.
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BMass have you tried to Natural Balance brand? I am currently switching the pups to the sweet potatoe and venison formula. From what I have heard some people have had success with the Avoderm brand.

Not sure what you have tried in the past and what has worked and what hasnt. I have been through a bunch of different ones trying to find a food that worked for Rocky.
i like innova adult as an alternative to canidae. depends what it is in the new canidae formulation that is causing problems. i really love wellness core. the one killer on the core for me is they just raised their prices to the point that i went out yesterday and actually bought some orijen senior for my old guy because it was actually cheaper than the core. only the core ocean holds a price advantage over the orijen fish.
I've had very good luck with my sensitive dog on Orijen adult. I think he does better with the grain-free kibbles, and this one is also soy-free, which can be good for sensitive stomachs.
Lets see if I can remember.. I do have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday

Purina Pro Plan - Dry coat
TWO (dont remeber which one) - Mail order only shipping was way too expensive/I think I recall some kind of problem with TWO at the time
Flint River Ranch - Too much Wheat/Mail order only
Eagle (again dont remember which one) - wouldn't eat it
Call of the wild -
Chicken Soup - Wouldn't eat it
NB - wouldn't eat it
Innova - mushy poo - too rich?
Royal Canin - mushy poo

Course I keep in mind all this was a couple of years ago (the local shelter loved me) plus I have a VERY picky eater at least he was back then.

I really wish I knew what in the new formula doesn't sit well with Dallas, it would make my hunt for new food much earier. It certainly sounds like it doesn't sit well with a lot of pups.
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Sounds like my sensitive dog - I think I went through about half of those, plus a couple others. Mine actually didn't do so well on Canidae either. The ones he has done the best on were, in order: Orijen adult, Solid Gold Barking at the Moon, and Pro Plan (same unhealthy coat as yours, but I accepted it for a little while b/c of fairly solid stools).
So after an afternoon of pet store hopping....I have decided to give Innova a shot. I am starting with the Evo Red Meat. It may be too rich but I am going to give it a shot. We will see what happens in the next couple of days. Wish me luck!
Go SLOW!!!!

Good luck
Oh, I will, trust me! I just hope this works. It would be nice to find something that works the first time.

ive found innova adult very compatible w/ the canidae and have made cold switches between the two w/ no problem. the innova evo is quite different from the canidae.
Rascal had a very sensitive stomach and did really well on the avoderm baked lamb and chicken varieties. Roxie did well with the lamb but not the chicken.
Originally Posted By: bmass01The first is Breeders Choice: Does anyone feed either the Pinnacle or the AvoDerm?

Also if you have suggestions, please feel free. I need to choose a food I can drive and get.
I've switched my 3 to Pinnacle, and couldn't be happier. My two younger ones (16 months, 3 1/2 yrs.) couldn't keep weight on them with TOTW. On top of that they had the gooey pooey, which drove us all nuts.

Dima's breeder feeds Pinnacle, so I figured if it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me. I've got them on a mixture of Pinnacle Peak Protein, and Chicken and Oats. No more gooey pooey, and they love it.

They dogs love it, and I do too. Good luck with your search. Too bad I didn't see this thread earlier.

One step closer, I got a sample of the Red Meat yesterday and mixed it in last night and this morning. Tonight, nice firm poo. So looks promising!
Hope all works out ... finding a new food is never easy, I'm going through it right now!
What are you trying?
Well, it has been almost a week and with the gradual increase each day it seems to be going VERY well! My only issue with EVO is the cost $ 55 for a 28.5 lb bag of EVO as compared to the $ 47 for the 40 lb bag of Canidae. But, for now it will work!
OMG you can get a 40lb bag of Life's Abundance for 58 dollars and breeders that sign up can get it for 38 bucks!
I don't think you can buy that in a store though, can you? Therefore I would have to factor in delivery charges which can get rather costly. I wish all good foods were available down the street so I could try them all! Dallas gets mushy poos rather easily so I guess if I find some thing that is 1. close 2. he likes 3. he tolorates well 4. good quality, I am just going to have to go with it. EVO seems to have all 4 points. So....guess we go with it and hope everything works out good!
LA shipping is 8.99 no matter if you order 1 bag or 5 bags it is the same shipping fee.

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