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I have long suspected my cousin is quite a bit quicker on the draw than I am, mentally. The ultimate proof came last Friday when I was showing the (country ) cousins around Dallas, Nancy and her two kids, Maddy and Cliff. We weren't actually expecting to see anything unusual, but Nancy had taken great care to prep the kids, including explaining the concept of 'homeless' to cliff and the 4 year old Maddy. If they saw someone sleeping on the street, they were not to disturb them in any way as these folks were just resting there since they had no other place to sleep.

Well, strolling downtown Dallas was going fairly well when we passed a gentleman lying beside the sidewalk. Maddy immediately pulled her Mother's hand.

"Mommy," she whispered urgently "There's a dead person over there!"

"No, no" assured Nancy. "Remember we talked about the homeless and how they sleep outside? That's what he's doing."

"Oh." Maddy somewhat disappointedly responded.

We didn't get 20 feet down the street when we were passed by a firetruck that pulled up next to the motionless man and started to cover him with a white sheet.

"What are they doing?" Maddy asked. I stood there more or less struck dumb and fumbling for an answer.

Nancy had no such problem. Without missing a beat she explained "They are tucking him in." and kept right on walking.

I'm dazzled.

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