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The mouse encounter:)(

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THought this was kinda funny, today the hubby had the dogs outside, found a mouse nest in my BAT house, two mice fell out, Jynx the aussie , and critter killer, was on them in a second, she grabbed one, dropped it, and well, I think the poor thing had brain damage and was dying:((

Masi on the other hand, was sniffing the poor little thing and gave it a nose nudge..Jynx was not pleased and wanted to finish the job, so after I intervened, got the 'killer' in the house, made the hubby put the mouse on the other side of the fence, where I'm sure it died:(

Just thought this was kinda cute, my big mean purple people eater being so gentle with this dying mouse, while my social butterfly "I love everyone" aussie wants to kill it:(
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Aren't they funny? My himalayan likes to relocate the mice he catches. He seems to think they will be much happier in the living room or DS's bedroom than the kitchen. :hammer:

So he brought one out, let it loose in the living room. Three dogs are waiting...Sierra, the great hunter, snatches the mouse up in her mouth and hunches down with this look of surprise on her face. She won't open her mouth and she won't move. Finally, we pry her mouth open and out shoots the mouse between Banshee and Jax's feet, past the cat and into the living room closet. :headbang:
oh my gosh, how funny! I woulda had a stroke tho:)))
It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen! And yes, I did almost have a stroke. Sierra must have thought it was some nifty new toy!
Thats hilarious! I could just imagine the dog standing there all confused trying to figure out what exactly to do next! LOL
My lab caught a squirrel at 6 months and held it in it's paws so he could lick it,lol so not a killer apparently. I'm pretty sure Zoe would do the same since she puppy yips at rabbits and squirrels too.
Masi just isn't a critter catcher/killer, which is ok fine by me, she's more interested in what the heck they are doing, altho she will chase the squirrels who tease her:)

She HAS come to me on occasion, with something in her mouth, and I"ll ask her what she's got, and she promptly will spit a cat HAIRBALL into my lap..GROSS GROSS ! but I guess I asked for it!
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