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The most aggressive breeds

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Finally, they see the light! But I can think of a few more who vie for the top spot on a regular basis..
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And they show a pic of a three legged dachshund???? Can't help but to think if it had been a GSD (or another big breed) there would be pic's of the dogs bareing teeth or something mean looking... Here we have not even a big dog but a three legged one at that!!!
Another Dachshund chewed it off.
Look closely at the photo. The Dach is holding its foreground forepaw up and it blends (a bit too well) against the background foreleg. So no, no cannibalistic dachsies here.

...but those toy poodles are another story.
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It's about time!

When I was grooming dogs, I NEVER had a large dog try to bite me, and that included the "usual suspects". (Chows, pits, GSDs, Rotts, Akitas, ect...)

The ones that tried to bite your hand off were the little spoiled ROTTEN lap dogs. Minature Schnauzers, Lhasas , poodles, COCKERS (They were one of the worst.), ect...
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when I am at the park with Brady its the little dogs that go off when we walk bye.
They are crazy
At the vet's, they sometimes muzzle Grimm. Know what? He can still kiss the vet's corneas through the opening at the end of the muzzle.

On our walks, the big dogs are well-mannered, they have to be. The tiny Napoleonic enraged appetizers-on-strings usually are straining to attack us, blasting in rapidfire, hiccup-like, nails-on-chalkboard voice.
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Ugh... we have this little crazed small dog in the neighborhood and the owner just thinks it's adorable when he tees off like a psycho on my two GSDs.

The other day...(they have been taught to sit when other people walk past them on their walks) Katie and Otto are sitting when the lady walks past... little dog tees off and my two are ignoring him. The neighbor lady walks past and chuckles something and her husband had just pulled up at the time and started screaming at DH about those "vicious dogs" and that we shouldn't be antagonizing her dog.

It ended with colorful metaphors... some people's children and their little dogs too!

P.S. My brother has two doxies and my SIL just thinks it's adorable that they resource guard and have no manners...
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When we were kids, my oldest sister was bitten atleast 3 different times by a longhaired red Dachshund that lived in the neighborhood. We wouldn't even dare to go by the house when the dog was out. But of course 30yrs ago no one called animal control.
I was walking my babies yesterday...some lady with a fluffball was walking toward us...her fluffball was pulling and carrying on...Jackson and Oz barely paid attention, just kept walking..the lady picks hers up and glares at me....that really hacked me off.
Not surprised!

I think a fair bit of that is that a lot of owners of small dogs think they don't need to work with their dog at all because it is small. My mother has a bichon, a small but not tiny dog, what is this dog trained to do? NOTHING. It doesn't know any commands, not sit, not down, nothing. I asked her why and her answer was, "why should I train her, she's small she can't do anything". It's an irritating attitude to have about small dogs. I think the majority of dog bite/aggression for any breed is a result of some owners not doing their job.

It took a while but I found the rest of the list, German Shepherd #17:
When I was a little kid, I was bit in the face (not too much blood!) by the neighbor's Pomeranian. My parents, reasonable people, said, "If you didn't try to pick it up, it wouldn't have bit you. So don't do it again." Report it? You gotta be kidding.

I pet sit now and then. One of my clients is a mean little dachshund. I told the owner of the business that I won't pet sit him anymore. I got really tired of him trying to bite me. He bit (hard) me once, and honestly, I was so mad, I had to channel Patricia McConnell, Pat Miller and St Francis of Assisi not to punt that **** dog across the house. The reason he bit me? I insisted on putting his leash on him. His owners just let him run around the cul-de-sac because he prefers that to being on a leash. Nasty little

Oh, but he's cute.

He's a menace. And when he gets hit by a car in that cul-de-sac, they'll blame the driver. The owners actually brought in into the local Academy for a board and train for a week's worth of training, while they were on vacation. The Academy said that they couldn't do much with this dog unless the owners went in too. (The dog runs the household.) Nope. They weren't going to do that.

That's when I said I wouldn't pet sit him anymore. Why should I put up with a dog that the owners weren't committed to fixing?

Bad dog owners.
There are so many more bad small dog owners than bad big dog owners. I'm convinced of it.
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Shocking, but true: In my building, there is a roughhaired white and gray terrier mix. The lady who walks him looks totally normal.. nothing suspicious whatsoever. BUT... this little thing opens it's mouth, and a HUMAN VOICE, IMITATING A FURIOUS YAPPY LAPDOG comes out!!! The lady is not a ventriloquist. The dog's explosive, infuriated cartoonlike voice really just sounds like a person trying to sound like a ticked-off little yapper!! "Arr-rarr!! Arr-rarr-rarr!!"

1. Dachshund
3. Jack Russel Terrier
4. Akita
5. Australian Cattle Dog
6. Pit Bull
7. Beagle
8. English Springer Spaniel
9. Border Collie
10. German Shepherd
Interesting list, ChevysMom.
I'd put chihauhaus and JRTs way ahead of pitbulls too!
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The only time I've been bitten was by a Boston Terrier. He about took my ear off!
Originally Posted By: SunCzarinaInteresting list, ChevysMom.
I'd put chihauhaus and JRTs way ahead of pitbulls too!
Golden's and Poodle's (toy and standard)
when B and I went on GSRNE walk last October there was a Standard poodle there and OMG it was trying to attack some of the GSD's there. Crazy
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Is this the data from that study? That's it? And that is how it was collected? Maybe I am missing something-TOTALLY possible as I am working while looking at this stuff!!! (scroll down to June 25)

Two page article from Discovery here:

A beagle?
this is rather amuseing to me. i get "crap" all the time by my dad-in-law (who owns a dachsund) about haveing a GSD and not makeing him mean..
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