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The hunter stopped by today

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Tuesday or Wednesday DH will be going to pick up a deer and hack it up for the dogs. I need to stock up on ziplock! DH The hunters get the heart and liver normally but we will ask for leftovers. We will be getting a whole deer carcass minus the insides. It is 5 euros a kilo and the deer are about 12 kilos. Very small deer here!

So now I have rabbit and deer for the dogs!

How do you make the switch? Is it gradual or immediate?

I still don't have a scale or the Alfalfa/kelp powder. I was thinking in a month or two I would as then I should have everything. We also need to buy a cleaver and a good skinning knife. The things we do for our pups!
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why do you have to switch? can't they have deer and rabbit? or what are you switching from? what's alfalfa/kelp powder for??
We are going to switch from Kibble to a Raw diet.

And the alfalfa/kelp to help balance out their diet.
So he delivered one this afternoon instead of tomorrow.
I now have almost 1 full drawer of just deer and rabbit!

We let the dogs each have a venison bone this evening. OMG they went nuts! I have pictures that I will post later.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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