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The German Shepherd Dog by Willis

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I have a like new copy of this book. I bought it new, read it several times and decided I don't need it anymore. No torn pages or markings other than my name on frontspiece. Make reasonable offer. Contact me at [email protected]. Shipping by media mail from Oklahoma.
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Which GSD book? *THE* Willis GSD book (Genetic History) or the more generic "Pet owner's guide to the GSD".

If Genetic History, which edition? 1992 or the older edition?
The German Shepherd Dog: a genetic history--from the title page. It is copyrighted 1991.
I would like to have it, been trying to get it I am wanting to learn all I can on genetic's on this breed.
PM me privately and make me an offer. We can then discuss the details. Sorry I just checked my email and saw you had written. I will answer that email. Thanks.
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