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The dog from H-ll

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No its not one of mine. Some of you might remember my friend rescued a Pomeraian (sp?) a good six months ago which would make it about a year old now. I kid you not this is the dog from ****. Earlier tonight the dog barked out of control for well over 30 mins and when I say bark I mean hysterial barking. Her son had brought their two dogs over so they could run on the hill at my friends and Tinker 'doesn't like it' when they're here.
Later Tammy (my friend) had the dog outside with them and again the dog was out of control with her barking. I'm shocked the dog is still alive as it had to of been hyperventalating for a good 20 mins.
This dog doesn't listen to her whatsoever!!! She's tried telling it to be quiet, she's tried crating it-the dog doesn't listen. Now heres the problem-to my friend (and I might add, my very best friend) the dogs just stubborn or has an attitude. I"LL SAY!!! I personally would have that dog on the NILIF program real fast, but because shes 'so cute' she's really getting away with murder.
Every two weeks when I get paid I stop at the pet store and buy things for my dogs and always pick of things for Tinker too. Not so much that I like the dog, but my friend has always bought things for my dogs and I know how good that feels when someone does that for you. Well everytime I go over there I'm afraid the dogs going to bite me....I kid you not, that little stinker darts back and fourth so fast growling and barking that I hold my hands up just to make sure they don't get nipped.
Don't get me wrong, my dogs have the like of luxary but theres respect all the way around and my dogs wouldn't even think about behaving like this dog does. I haven't ever been mean to them but they just know certain behaviors are not acceptable. For me that comes natural in raising a dog, is it really not natural for everyone?
Hopefully she will get a trainer soon, she's talked about it but so far hasn't acted on it. i'm sure deep down inside its likely a very good little dog but do you have any suggestions on how to expose that side of her??
I really don't want to upset my friend but her dog is out of control. Help!
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The dog is also a Pomeranian. If Poms were 80# with the same personality, no one could ever have one!
They are known to be barky, territorial, stubborn, difficult to train and then have been made worse by making them smaller, breeding even less for temperament, not understanding that they are a northern breed, and being a great dog for puppy mills and puppy producers to pump out due to their size, often enlarging their negative traits and doing nothing in the first weeks to shape better behaviors.
Frankly, I think those two sites are awfully kind in regards to temperament-but they are talking about ideal temperament.

So in general, the people who should have them-people who will do NILIF, exercise them, give them jobs-don't because it's a toy dog now.

Bella was bitten by one on a home check. Bella was trying to hide from the Pom and jumped up behind me on the couch-so the Pom went after her. I shielded Bella but didn't put my hand down because I knew it would be like a Piranha situation!

I do like them-a lot. I like any dog that is going to abuse me, I guess, by flipping me the paw!

Maybe you could say that you read about a Pom who attacked a GSD on a home check and had that GSD not been an incredibly wonderful, sweet, submissive to other dogs, and small dogs in particular (not to mention GORGEOUS lol), that Pom would have been on its way down the path to the Rainbow Bridge. But because it's people didn't have it under control, it was at risk every day-that getting a dog to do what you say when you say it is not about control so much as it is about safety for that dog. And you know she'd never want her dog to be unsafe...
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Thanks Jean, I'll go check out those sights. My friend has her hands full thats for sure
Thankfully the dog does get tons of excercise but I too am thinking the NILIF method would work best for this dog.
Its kind of funny, when I go over there the dog goes wicked-barking and lunging at me and quickly running back and fourth, Tammy says she 'likes me' I'd hate to see what she'd do if she didn't like me!
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I have a friend that just bought a Pomeranian-Husky mix (one of the new designer breeds) & he's having a rough time with it. I would have warned him against such a mix but he's the type that doesn't like free advice so now he's stuck with a little dog that does not appear to be the companion he was looking for. He's not going to take the little guy to a shelter but he could have chosen a dog that better suited his lifestyle if he had done a little more research.
Closing...12.5yo thread about Poms 🥴
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