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Re: The dog did it: Woman gets $300K deal

Originally Posted By: selzerI expect the truck was a standard transmission. If you kick some of them into gear they can start rolling. I do not know what year they changed them to have the feature where you have to step on the break to put it into gear. Automatics have had that feature for a long time. Still, my Neon (automatic) could be pushed into drive without stepping on the brake -- probably broken.

Unless you're talking about another incident, it says here "...somehow knocked the automatic transmission into gear, police said..." I'd find it hard to believe a dog could grind a standard into gear unless he got a paw on the clutch
but if the engine was off and the handbrake was off and the gears were engaged as a brake (which I often do) and the dog bumped it out of gear that might start a roll.
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