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We had a crisis at our house. We were out of dog cookies at my house and I forgot to pick some up before I came home from work.
This is the routine, I come home, let the dogs out, eat dinner, then acknowlege their goofy selves. The little weasel terrier (Zoey), gets pretty excited about cookies.

The cookie rules are:
*you must be quiet--no yelling/barking at me
*you must be out of the kitchen, sitting and waiting

Usually the cookie rules go pretty good even for Zoey who is an excitable girl (they all said)

So the other night, all I had was baby carrots. Alice (GSD) follows the cookie rules to the "T" Zoey has work a bit.
Alice takes the baby carrot and gets all happy and eats it, Zoey (still working on mouth manners) grabs the carrot, holds it second, spits it out *BLECH* and looks at me.
Zoey tried two more times with the carrot *BLECH* So Alice all happy ends up with four carrots and lives happily ever after.
It was pretty funny; I think my mother (passed away in 2009) came back to visit me....she hated healthy food too.:)
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