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The best training dog videos

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As we are preparing for getting a puppy (to be born some time in the fall), we are buying books and hopefully good training videos.

I read here a recommendation on the "8 weeks to 8 months" -- than you very much and we are planning to get it..

Other videos you can recommend?

Thank you!
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Does it mean there are no good ones?

I'm sure there are, but what kind are you looking for? Is this a companion dog? A sport dog? Are you looking for basic obedience, or more specialized skills?

I personally never watched any training videos, I read tons of books and signed up for obedience classes. I haven't seen the Leerburg video, but it's been recommended here many times by others, so it's probably pretty good. I saw on one of your other posts that you've already got some good books to read. Have you started looking for classes? You may find that you don't really need any other videos.
Thank you so much for your input!!

Our puppy will be a companion dog from working lines. So we want to make sure we are as educated as we can be in preparation..

We are also not video but rather book people, but needed to know if there is something we should be looking at and are not..

No we haven't started looking for the classes yet.. I can see you are in the Bay Area.. We are in Saratoga (South Bay) -- any Recommendations?
Howdy neighbor, we're in the East Bay! BTW, you can put your general location in your profile, which would be helpful for people making recommendations. You might also go to the introduction area of the board and start a thread so everyone can get to know you. And welcome to the board!

I took Dena & Keefer through the Sirius Puppy classes, which were great. There are many locations all over the Bay Area, including Sunnyvale & Los Gatos, which I think area somewhat close to you. I'm more of a reader too, but it can help to see a training technique demonstrated, so a video is good, but there's really no substitute for the eye of a good trainer, who can tell you when you're doing things exactly right, or give you suggestions for any training issues you may be having.

For the next level beyond puppy classes, I don't know of any near you. I took classes at the Marin Humane Society, about an hour drive from my house, but that would be quite a haul for you, and I'm sure there are closer places.

Where are you getting your puppy from?
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Thank you for all the recommendations! Book-marked the classes and will be checking them out!

We will be getting puppy from Alice Wright from

Don't know if you know her, but I am in awe of her -- her love and understanding of her animals! She also breeds Siberian cats and our second kitten is from her! Our kitty (Love Bug) is a little German Shephard with all the benefits of a cat ...

God bless!

Cassidy Mom, FYI: to your question about the breeder, I just got an email from her, and based on things that are happening, she may not have a litter within the timeframe we are looking at (this year or next). Like I said she is amazing and we can always trust her to be very open with us.. It all still up in the air... So I will be reading and looking for other options -- at least as a research... If you have any recommendations -- will be very grateful! My email is [email protected]..

God bless!
Hello caview and
to the forum from another East Bay member. If you are looking for alternative breeders for working lines, here are three for you to consider, two of which are within a 30-45 minute drive from you:

Randy Tyson is located up the road from you in Menlo Park: Several board members have recently gotten puppies from her.

Eric von Falconer is located down the road from you behind Scotts Valley near Bonny Doon - very close to the fire area they recently had down there. I got Kayla from this breeder three years ago and we trained with him for a year and half.

Anne Kent is down in the Saugus in So Calif. She is also a member of this board. I recently got Lancer from Anne:

Feel free to PM me if you want any information on these breeders.

Good Luck and
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Samuel, this is invaluable information -- thank you so much!! And I'm taking you up on your kind offer of PM as I need more information.

God bless!

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