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OK, this is random... but I have to officially share my love for pool noodles. With summer drawing to a close stores are starting to sell of these priceless miracle creations for under a dollar, so I've been stocking up. I know, I'm crazy right? Let me share their amazingness with y'all to spread the love! :p

Do you value your baseboards and paint job inside your home? Does your dog's crate mark up the wall on occasion? No problem! Cut a pool noodle down to the crate size and drop it behind the crate. Your dog can scoot around all he wants, but your walls are protected.

Have a plastic kennel with the same troubles? No problem! Just make some noodle slices, cut a 'slit' in the side, and pop them on! Instant wall protection.

WAIT! There's more! Do your kids get up on furniture to look out the windows? Mine do. Use this same technique on coffee tables, grooming tables, and much much more to keep your walls free of scrapes and scratches.

Are you training your dog to pick up objects like a leash, hose, or length of rope but having trouble getting him to grab it? Put a 4in tube of pool noodle over it! It will be much easier to grab! This is particularly helpful if you're teaching a dog to open a refrigerator, door, or drawer with a rope.

Down ears on young dogs? Use a hacksaw to carve out an 'ear form' from a few inches of pool noodle; it's the perfect diameter for puppy ears, is super light and doesn't weigh down the ear, and adheres well.

Don't like puppy prints on the interior of your car? Cut a pool noodle to match the length of your car window. Cut a slit in it like the noodles in the vari-kennel picture. Then drape a towel or protective cloth over your interior door and hold it in place with the pool noodle over the open window.

Pool noodles have so many uses in the dog world, it's amazing! Anybody else have any suggestions? I use them as puppy tugs (with terry towels wrapped around them and a length of rope through the middle), I use them to space crates at shows so nobody can nip if I'm showing other people's dogs, I use them for so many things.
Hopefully this can help somebody out or we can get even more awesome suggestions! If anybody wants pictures of what I'm talking about I'd be happy to provide more. :)

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I use them under furniture so toys or balls can't get stuck too far back.
Also in my warped mind if we ever had to deal with floods I could rig them as life preservers.
I have one that is a circle like a tube that I used to use for the hot tub, I brought it up from the basement and left it out by the stuff we were bringing to the lake house, Lakota thought it was pieces.
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