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the 1st night....??!!

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:confused: i just brought my 8week old puppy, shyan home last night. At first he didnt want to come inside, he wanted to sleep outside in the dirt. Then i finally got him in the crate, he did good i found no messes in the crate this morning. But now he wont come out of his crate...?? i put his food bowl inside & he was eating & i slowly tried to lower him out with it but he wasnt fooled..he wont come out of his crate..should i be at least glad that he's found comfort in the crate??
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Honestly-I'm getting anxious just reading your post-I'm sure this little one is feeling the same way. Sounds like you really want your new puppy to warm up to you and his surroundings (which is good) but take it slow. His whole world has literally changed.

Has he been to the vet yet? Maybe take him for a check up to make sure he's feeling ok.
give him time. never pull him out of his crate. That should be his safe place where he can go. Believe me, when he comes out of his shell and becomes his real self, oyu will pine for quiet time when he goes into his crate!!! :)
lol, now that I am dealing with mine this is funny. Mine came out of the crate in under 2 minutes last night with the help of some KFC chicken fingers and didn't want to go back in.

Im sure today may very well be the turn around day for you guys.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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