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Maybe I am the odd one out, but I think you should give him some time for now. Dogs thrive on leadership and structure. While he will eventually want your comfort and love, right now he is scared, and until he sees what his new normal is, he will still be unsure.

I would go about your normal day, keeping an eye on the time, so that you can try to get him to go potty. But it should be a nice, quick, come on lets go outside and potty. Everyone goes outside without him (if he doesn't come out of his crate) and then return after a minute. I would feed him outside of his crate since most people feed in the crate to create a bond with the puppy and the den. He already has one though. I would start playing with a toy beside him, a few feet away. Just play by yourself for a while, and see if he gets interested. Ask you breeder what toys they had to play with when younger.

Eventually your pup will see that this is a safe place for him too, and a fun one. But its something that he needs to learn at his own pace, and I will say that throwing a ball at him, even just a tennis ball, might be too much.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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