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the 1st night....??!!

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:confused: i just brought my 8week old puppy, shyan home last night. At first he didnt want to come inside, he wanted to sleep outside in the dirt. Then i finally got him in the crate, he did good i found no messes in the crate this morning. But now he wont come out of his crate...?? i put his food bowl inside & he was eating & i slowly tried to lower him out with it but he wasnt fooled..he wont come out of his crate..should i be at least glad that he's found comfort in the crate??
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Give the guy a few days and don't push anything. When your home leave the crate door open and sit a few feet away with treats. Toss a treat close to him at first, and then start placing them closer to you. In minutes he'll be eating them straight from your hand just be patient.
He should be comfortable in a few days, it's been a big change for him. I'd do just what zoeys mom suggested. Congratulations on your new pup!
Thanks for the advise, yeah i figured i shouldn't push anything on him & let him make his way out when he feels comfortable. o0ooo he's coming out as i type!! lol
Congrats on the new pup!
o0ooo he's coming out as i type!! lol
Quick! Take him outside!!!:)

Congrats on the new pup!
lol, gotta love it when their 8 weeks. enjoy! pics please
congrats on your new pup. it didn't take him very long to get out of his crate. he'll make you home his home in no time. pretty soon you'll be wanting to get him back into the crate with all the playing and nipping he'll be wanting to do. enjoy every second of it. those young puppy days go by quickly. :)
Congrats on your new bundle of fur .... pics, must see pics !!! :)
aww thanx everyone but i have bad news he came out of the crate when i wrote but he went back inside i took initiative & gently pulled him out bc by that time i knew he had to go potty i left outside for a bit & made sure he did his thing...he crouches with fear tail in between his legs & i brought him back inside after a while he's been in his crate all day i feed him & after i take him out to do his thing, right now hes in his crate (door has stayed open) he'll poke his head out but thats it, he wont come to me not even if i sit there with treats or call him gently he's just scared...

is he going to get over this????
Give him time. His whole world just changed. He will get better, just be very gentle with him.
Just toss treats in the crate then. Believe me in a few days he'll be a land shark and chewing you and your whole'll wish he'd just go in his crate:D
I agree with everyone, give him some time.
Yea don't force it!! I have done that before with a dog I had and it doesn't help with the trust at all.

I am about to head to the airport to get my pup now. Long flight from the Czech Republic so I am ready. (I have some KFC original chicken to help Looks like I will have my thread about this in a few hours...... My first GSD. Sooo nervous.

Take your time though.
I just saw his pictures, and idk if it's just the shot or what, but he looks like he's not feeling good at all. His ears are hanging really low on his head. My dogs do that if they aren't feeling well. Maybe that has something to do with it?

BTW he's super cute and looks like Jackson did at that age. ADORABLE!!
I would say all will be well when he adjusts to being torn asunder from his mother. My pup in the first few days would not let me out of her sight and tripped me over many a time walking in and out of my legs :rolleyes: .Give him lots of love and hugs while you can still lift him LOL :D
i just saw your little one pictures. he is sooo cute. he looks like he lost his best friend, which he did, he lost list liter mates. he feels alone. remember, right now, you are the stranger. keep giving him lots of attention and praise. try getting a tennis ball and tossing it into his cage and interacting with him. a few throws of the ball, i would guess would get him out of his cage. he will come around. also, have you tried just lifting him out of his cage and holding him close to you, letting him feel your heartbeat and give him lots of kisses and soft talk about how good he is and how you love him. touch and the way we treat our pups means so much at this young age. :)
He will get over it, just be kind and patient. He misses his former home and is wondering when he will go back. It will take a while for him to bond because of his loyalty and attachment to his former owner who, after all, is his mother. BE PATIENT.
Maybe I am the odd one out, but I think you should give him some time for now. Dogs thrive on leadership and structure. While he will eventually want your comfort and love, right now he is scared, and until he sees what his new normal is, he will still be unsure.

I would go about your normal day, keeping an eye on the time, so that you can try to get him to go potty. But it should be a nice, quick, come on lets go outside and potty. Everyone goes outside without him (if he doesn't come out of his crate) and then return after a minute. I would feed him outside of his crate since most people feed in the crate to create a bond with the puppy and the den. He already has one though. I would start playing with a toy beside him, a few feet away. Just play by yourself for a while, and see if he gets interested. Ask you breeder what toys they had to play with when younger.

Eventually your pup will see that this is a safe place for him too, and a fun one. But its something that he needs to learn at his own pace, and I will say that throwing a ball at him, even just a tennis ball, might be too much.
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in about a week i bet he'll be acting his usual self. our puppy cried most of the night the 1st two nights. we figured he just missed his parents and litter mates.

he also did not like walking on a leash, going more than a few feet from the house, and was scared of a lot... all the other advise is good, and im sure he'll grow to love yall soon
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