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I just want to thank all the intelligent contributors on this site. I have a GSD sleepover tonight and without learning about behavior from this place I may have made mistakes in the introduction and interaction of a new dog in our territory. Zoey is an american line 4 yr female that is spending the night with us as her mom(who she has sep. anxiety) is on an overnight 1st anniversary fling. I picked her up at her house, mom was already gone, she got in the car no questions(that was odd) and I intro'd one at a time, her moms dd was at my house, so she was familiar with someone. We have had no problems so far and that says alot if you know Onyx' behavior
Zoey doesn't really know how to play with other dogs, and no ball drive so she is getting an education while visiting us. She will growl if overwhelmed and feeling doubleteamed. Both of my dogs have previousely met her one at a time awhile ago. I am keeping close eye on all interactions and so far so good,. I pray we get thru the night ok as well! My dd and I took the dogs for a walk and they were all great with each other. Anyway, without reading great advice here, I would not have done the right things in introducing, etc... Thanks
to all!
one other thing~when you say "stranger danger" she goes on alert, patrol, never taught this just accidentally found out a week or two ago, her new trick!!!
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