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ARKANSAS, We luuuv ya! Just got back from the Benton Ark trial and it was clear the folks in Arkansas want to train Protection dogs. With 4 different pro trainers and their students making up 31 entries, it was a very productive day.

Our judges, police chief and K9 handler Peter Powell, Little Rock PD, and Klienhause police dog kennels, head trainer, Joe Smith, were helpful, patient, & productive, asssiting all of our competitors in what it takes to make a street savvy, protection dog, Thank You judges!

Our decoys worked, and worked, and worked!!! with 31 entries, so Matt Davis, Troy Johnsons, Whitt Brooks, WOW!

And the winners were, Personal Protection, 3rd Viper, APBT & Michelle Crook . 2cd Jupp GSD & Gerald Williams. THE WINNER Haans GSD & Kevin Owens.

Patrol Division, 3rd Rookie, Mal & Troy Johnson. 2cd Master Jack, GSD & Matt Davis, THE WINNER Q, Richard Clark

Next scheduled trial, Texas Get Together, Oct. Navasota, Tx. for info call 817-483-2026
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