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Someone started this post on a lab forum...I really liked it so here are mine:


Born: Jan 1, 2003, Slovakia
Brought home/adopted: at approx 1 year

Likes: Fetching and Swimming are tied for number one. Driving in the car is a close second.

Dislikes: being crowded, going out in the rain

Least endearing quality: sometimes he gets whiny (the poor dog groomer has to listen to him whine the whole time he is there)

Most endearing quality:
Kaper doesn't get excited much, but it is so worth it when he does. He is extremely smart and very loving

CHATHAM (non-GSD but have to be fair)
Labrador Retriever, chocolate

Born: August 14, 2006; Nova Scotia
Brought home: at 8 weeks

Likes: eating, lying right on top of me, drives in the car, swimming and tormenting his big brother, Kaper (Kaper LOVES to fetch, Chatham just loves to get the ball or stick and have Kaper chase him for it. Poor Kape just wants to get the ball back so he can bring it to me to be thrown again)...not necessarily in that order

Dislikes: Not being paid attention to and not being allowed to sleep in the bed.

Least endearing quality: his gas...although I can't help but laugh when he walks up the stairs or puts his two paws up on your lap and some slips out

Most endearing quality:
If I cry (not that I do alot or anything), he does this really cute look with a head tilt and wags his tail when I look at him. If I hide my face, he will hit me with his paw to get my attention
He is ALWAYS happy, the tail never stops.
He loves being with me

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Born: ? Probably March 2006
Where: Most likely somewhere in Virginia

Likes: playing ball, running like a maniac, burping in my face, watching me take showers and other bathroom duties, spending time with me!

Dislikes: Treats made specifically for dogs, the spray bottle, getting his nails clipped, shouting

Most endearing quality: The most loyal dog I have ever had

Least endearing quality: Sometimes fearful and shy

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Born: 1/21/07
Where: CA

Likes: playing in the water hose, chasing the flashlight at night in the backyard, harassing the cats till they hiccup, stealing the sink sponge, belly scratches and tug of war.

Dislikes: When the kids get in trouble and someone raises thier voice.

Most endearing quality: too many too count! The way she squashes her ears back to snuggle, the way she uses her paws to slap you while playing, her silliness, etc..

Least endearing quality: sometimes she will eat her poo- dang it! But it's getting better.

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<span style="color: #000099">Kaiser </span>

Born: 10/2/05

Where: OH

Likes: Playing Chuck-It; swimming; taking walks; snow; belly scrathces; playing, playing and playing!

Dislikes: Food that people eat; getting his nails cut

Most endearing quality: The way he literally pitches or kicks his toys at us to throw or kick back to him when we're playing; how he gives "kisses"; how he can be so "snuggly" when he wants to be!

Least endearing quality: Barks a little too much at the neighbors, but they're gone most of the year, so that can be expected; other than that, he's a pretty good guy!

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Born: 9/2/2004
Where: Wilmington, IL

Likes: Her frisbee and tennis balls, agility, cheese,taking walks, snow, having her butt scratched
Dislikes: rain, the vet's office, getting her nails trimmed, cats

Most endearing qualities: How she spins her butt around to tell you she wants butt scratches, how she pokes me with her nose in the morning to wake me up and how she likes to sit in my lap when I sit on the ground. She's my 70lb lap dog

Least endearing qualities: barks at me when I sneeze and jumps on people when they come into the house

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<span style='font-family: Arial Black'>Carmail</span>

Born: Aug 24, 2005, Wichita KS
Brought home at 7 weeks old

Likes: Being with the family,Fressbe,chasing cats,going for rides in the car,meeting new people.

Dislikes:being left alone,getting a bath.

Least endearing quality:chasing cats.

Most endearing quailty:love to be with the family and being very smart.

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Travis Barker [Travis]

Born: March 28, 2005
Brought home/adopted: 7 weeks

Likes: Being with me, playing any kind of game that allows him to run around at top speed, eating, barking, fetch [though he rarely gives the ball back so its more like 'Chase' ] , performing tricks for treats [it's hilarious to watch how excited he gets to do the tricks], bugging his brother and sister.

Dislikes: being ignored, not being allowed to play, water that is anywhere other than his water dish or pool, being scolded by anyone other than me [if someone else scolds him he'll come lay in my lap and pout]

Least endearing quality: he's very vocal. Especially out in public. and sometimes he is the BIGGEST baby ever. I 've definitely babyed him a little too much.

Most endearing quality: He is such a goofball. He makes me laugh everyday and there is never a dull moment with Trav around. His big sloppy kisses that he loves to give. His smarts. and loyalty.

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Born: 12/05/06 - Conowingo, MD

Likes: her ball, food, stuffed kongs, going for walks, riding in the car, did I mention food

Dislikes: cats

Most endearing quality: her oveall silliness, her head tilts, her kisses, her joy at seeing me

Least endearing quality: she hates my cats, sometimes eat her own poop - yick!

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Name: Grimm van den Heuvel

Born: November 17th, 2006

Likes: Dominating inaminate objects, snuggles, being KING, digging, SNOW and frigid, glacial cold, his toy pink piggy that OINKS really loudly, any raw food.

Dislikes: Any inanimate objects refusing to bow to his supremacy, things interrupting his plans for world dominion, when his Mumma or Daddy goes away from him, nail clipping.

Most endearing quality: His soft expression when he snuggles with me, and his gentle, soft yodel when he's happy.

Least Endearing quality: Too-frequent bids for world dominion.

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Morgan vom Donnermond

Born: Aug 4, 2001, New England

Likes: Stuffed sheep, Booda tugs, tennis balls, having her chin scratched and raw meat balls.

Dislikes: tall men and other dogs near my children.

Least endearing qualities: barks when the phone rings, steals shoes when we're trying to get out the door and jumps in the driver's seat of my car any chance she can, especially annoying when she's covered in mucky sand.

Most endearing quality: Folding herself headfirst into my lap and the way she is totally devoted to my 3 children.

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Sacha aka Astrolupus Gillian

Born: 28th November 2003, Waroona Western Australia
Arrived at: 8 weeks

Likes: Rides in the car, The Beach, Swimming, Fetch, Playing with her Brother Kobi

Dislikes: Baths, Nail clipping, The hose, Being outside when we are inside!

Most Endearing qualities: She always wants to be with me, that she is very friendly to everyone and the way she snuggles when I am sitting on the couch

Least endearing Qualities: Whining constantly when we are going for walks and jumping when she wants to greet people

Kobi AKA Astrolupus Orsen Wells

Born 8th August 2006, Waroona Western Australia
Arrived at: 11 weeks

Likes: Sister Sacha, Chewing on anything he can find (usually books!) Walks, The Beach, Fetch, Swimming, the hose, sprinklers and Sleeping!

Dislikes: Being moved when sleeping and Car rides

Most Endearing Qualities: He is very affectionate and relaxed and cute

Least Endearing Qualities: He gets too excited when we go walkies, when he wants something he will annoy me until I get it!

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Born: 12-30-2004, Pevely, Missouri
Adopted at 10 weeks.

Likes: Car rides, playing in water, Bad Cuz, walks in the park, sheep, eating almost anything, snuggling in bed, belly scratches, carrying the newspaper.

Dislikes: The mailman, having his bottom teeth brushed.

Most endearing qualities: understanding anything you say to him in an almost human way, his gentleness, his sensitivity, his handsome good looks!

Least endearing qualities: acting like a fool when the mail comes, wanting a bite of anything being eaten by anyone.

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Born: February 28, 2007 - PA
Brought home/adopted: 9 weeks

Likes: long walks, playing with his doggy friends, kisses, and lots of treats!

Dislikes: getting his nails trimmed

Least endearing quality: barking at strangers and other dogs

Most endearing quality: very loyal and loving to his family

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Born: 1998
Brought home/Adopted: July 1999, Riverwoods, IL

Likes: car rides, cheese, peanut butter, nylabones, rope toys, tennis balls, long walks with mom, chasing the cat

Dislikes: strange dogs, not being able to see who's on the other side of the door

Least endearing quality: barks at people when they first come into the house

Most endearing quality: wants to be with his family 24/7 and actually smiles

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Dunkel's Cody
Born: 3/18/2006
Where:Harvard, IL

Likes: His soccer ball, food, his kong toys, bones, food, treats, tugging on his tug, food, pestering the cats, food... did I mention food yet!?

Dislikes: having his ears cleaned and nails clipped.

Most endearing qualities: He is a 100lb lap dog, that loves to cuddle. He howls and spins around when I get home, he is so happy. He pushes me with his nose and gives kisses. I love his eyes, they are so expressive, and the head tilt when I talk to him.

Least endearing qualities: POOP EATING!!!
Do I need to say more?

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Born: Dec 11, 2002, The Netherlands
Brought home/adopted: at 8 weeks

Likes: Fetching, swimming, camping, the Alaskan winter (the colder the better for her) and her Mama

Dislikes: being crowded by strangers, not playing fetch, being stuck in the house and the heat.

Least endearing quality: Her toy obession!! All she wants to do is chase her toys non-stop!

Most endearing quality: She is a big snuggler and a great protecter!!!

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Born Oct. 19, 2003 New Hampshire

Brought home at 7 1/2 weeks

Likes: Schutzhund, food, Orbee ball, food, BAD cuz, food, crashing on the bed with Mom, food and oh yes FOOD.

Dislikes: Waiting for anything on the list above.

Least Endearing quality: Whining and peeping. He sounds like a baby bird

Most Endearing quality: His being a velcro boy. He is happiest when he is with me, doesn't matter what or if we are doing anything.

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Born: 5-15-00 in VA
Brought home 9.5 weeks. West German and Dutch working lines

Likes: Anything in her mouth, retrieving, bitework, tracking and riding in the car.
Dislikes: Being left out of anything
Least endearing quality: She is a bully and likes to bite tractor tires.

Most endearing: Her personality and her snuggling

born 4-25-03 in Michigan
Born here. Nike daughter, west German working line sire

Likes: attention, playing ball, cuddling
Dislikes: the vet, her 1/2 sister, and the lawn mower
Least endearing: her throwing temper tantrums when I take out her 1/2 sister
Most endearing: Her temperament and her singing with my parrot.

born 7-14-04 in MI, born here, Nike daughter, Wessie working line sire

Likes: anything involving me, toys, bitework, retrieving, tracking......
Dislikes: my paying attention to any other dog, my swatting files
Least endearing: the screaming when I go to take out another dog, she is a bully like her mother, and she likes to drive her feet into my stomach
Most endearing: She knows how to make me laugh, her personality

Born 9-12-05 in CA
brought home at 3 months Mix of Wessie and Belgian working lines

Likes: food and being with me, carrying around toys, tracking
Dislikes: Not sure there is much she dislikes
Least endearing: I can't put anything in her crate or she will shred it, she likes to lick me, and she likes to give teeth kisses.
Most endearing: Her very sweet personality and cute expressions

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Half Ton Shadow aka Shadow, Shadow Monster
Born: May 6, 2007 PA
Brought home at 8 weeks, NY

Likes: Hot dogs, braunschweiger, playing fetch, the rather large interactive squeaky toy we call the cat, long walks

Dislikes: Being left behind

Least endearing quality: His chewing on everything

Most endearing quality: The way he prances into the room when he's found a new "treasure"

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BORN June 27, 1995 - Marine City, MI
CAME HOME: 12 weeks
LIKES: His Cuz, toys in general, playing with Bruiser, chasing chickens and squirrels, nagging me, sleeping on the couch, lunch at Burger King, digging holes, dog treats, Munchkins, getting into mischief.
DISLIKES: Riding in the van, hydrotherapy, going out in the rain.
LEAST ENDEARING QUALITY: Now that he's elderly, he has a problem sometimes controlling his bowels.
MOST ENDEARING QUALITY: Being his Happy-go-lucky self. He jabbers, lets the world know his opinion of everything!!!

BORN June 27, 1995 - Marine City, MI
CAME HOME: 14 weeks
LIKES: Napping on the couch, treats, riding in the van, running around outside, fence fighting with the dogs next door, bedeviling Kelly.
DISLIKES: Toys, most "people" snacks except burgers, Kelly.
LEAST ENDEARING QUALITY: Except for being a bitch with Kelly, she's PERFECT!!!
MOST ENDEARING QUALITY: Unlike her brother, she's quiet, you hardly know she's around, easy going, laid back, never gets into trouble!!!

BORN: January 12, 1996 - Greenville, NC
CAME HOME: About 16 weeks
LIKES: Sleeping in the bathtub, cheeseburgers, going for rides, sleeping on the furniture, barking at the dogs next door.
DISLIKES: Playing with any toy, Bruiser, any change major or minor.
LEAST ENDEARING QUALITY: Sees "ghosts" inside at meal time and has to eat outdoors regardless of the weather.
MOST ENDEARING QUALITY: Easy to live with, always happy, trots around with a smile on his face, being an old fart!!!

BORN August 16, 2000 - Crockett, TX
CAME HOME: 8 weeks
LIKES: Playing ball, must always have a toy in his mouth when he's trotting around outside, killing chickens, chasing squirrels, eating anything that doesn't crawl out of his plate too fast, being by my side, sleeping on the couch, going for rides, treats of any kind, getting into the trash if I forget to put it up.
DISLIKES: Getting his prostate checked and being crated.
LEAST ENDEARING QUALITY: I love taking him on vacation but I can't leave him alone in a motel room when I go out to eat because he'll break out of his crate.
MOST ENDEARING QUALITY: Just being himself!!!

BORN September 11, 2002 - Brandon, MS
CAME HOME: 9 months
LIKES: His home, Medina (Bruiser's mother), Bruiser, what's left of a dead Wiggly Giggly, any toy Mac is playing with, toys in general, going for rides, lunch at any fast food restaurant, herding lessons, sleeping on the couch, treats, going on vacation, chasing chickens, pointing squirrels.
DISLIKES: Mac, being a show dog/away from home, sitting/staying when front door is opened.
LEAST ENDEARING QUALITY: Attacking Mac over toys (they're both barred from playing with any toy indoors and separated outdoors), pulling me if he smells that a girl dog is around.
MOST ENDEARING QUALITY: Easy going, snuggle bunny!!!

BORN April 5, 2005 - Palatka, FL
CAME HOME: 8 weeks
LIKES: Anything edible, stuffy toys, Slider, running around in the yard, rides, Sanibel Island, playing tag with Mac, doing the zoomies, sleeping on the furniture, telling the dogs next door to go to ****, digging holes, bugging me.
DISLIKES: Going out in the rain, thunder storms, staying out of trouble.
LEAST ENDEARING QUALITY: High pitched bark, hard headed, getting upset if I get out of the van for any reason.
MOST ENDEARING QUALITY: Very intense, will do ANYTHING for a treat, makes me laugh, good with his stuffy toys (he still has the little elephant his breeder gave him before he was six weeks old)!!!
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