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Teeth like a shark....literally !

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I noticed Karma has a second row of teeth coming down behind her puppy teeth giving her a shark like set !! Normal ?
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Oh yeah- Uschi had them. Just in case your flesh wasn't shredded enough, another set was ready. The baby set will quickly fall out, especially if she's playing tug or biting a rope toy. I took a small towel, tied a knot in it, got it wet and then froze it. She loved the cold an it helped her lose the first row. Amazing dogs. Both Stosh and Uschi had so many teeth gone on each side that their tongues had no where to go but sideways
LOL....when Jake started it was like a pez dispenser for two weeks.
Cool. Figured as much. I had a little chuckle when i read the other post where someone was panicking about their pup losing one tooth :D . I remember when i was looking after my brother's new kelpie puppy while he was in China studying years ago I used to swing her around by the leash ! She would latch on and do the helicopter and PING, POW, PZAM.....teeth coming out everywhere ! :blush: ( hey ---- i was young and it was the first puppy i had ever looked after ! ).
OMG!!! You mean my land shark will possibly have a double set????

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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