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"Sometimes" means he just doesn't quite get the idea, which is completely normal, especially at his young age. And it means that you need to keep working at it.

Dena was a natural retriever from the beginning, so I didn't have to work with her at all. But Keefer was a slow learner as far as retrieving goes, so I started by just rolling the ball a very short distance. I'd tell him "get the ball", (YES! when he got it), and then "bring the ball", and if he brought it to me, he got TONS of praise and a treat. Over and over and over again. I didn't actually THROW the ball for him for a long time, we had to work on the general concept of "go get it and bring it back" first, and then you make it more difficult.

With Dena I had to work on giving the ball to me when she brought it back, so I told her "give" and stuck a treat right up to her nose. When she dropped the ball I said "YES!" and gave her the treat. Repeat. Now they're both retrieving fools, and extremely competitive about getting to the ball first.
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