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teaching "drop it"/"out"

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Rajko is a phenomenal retriever on both dry land and in water. However, when he gets back to me, he tries to initiate a game of tug of war every time, no matter what it is that he is fetching. I have tried ignoring him until he responds to the "drop it" command, but that does not seem to work all of the time. I have used the trade-for-a-treat system too which works only when I have treats.

Any ideas on how to teach him to either let go of the ball/stick or at least drop it on the ground?
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instead of doing trade for a treat you could trade for another ball "2 ball" as some call it

just say drop it when you have the other ball, and then throw the next one when they drop the first ball. it didnt seem to take that long for our dogs to just know the "drop it" in general after associating the words with the action, wether it be dropping the ball or some other thing like a piece of tissue

I bought 2 of the mini chuckits and played 2 ball that way
Sarge learned it that too. I threw obe ball while holding the second. He would bring the first ball back, I told him to drop it. I wouldnt throw the other ball until he did. It didnt take long. He would even cheat, he would go get the first ball, come running back with it and drop it before he got to me letting it roll to my feet while all the time turning around to get ready for the second ball
if u play tug with ur pup like we do, try using a different toy, like one for tug & one for fetch. beamer learned drop it in about a week. all i did was when she came back with a toy, i would say drop it! & the if she didnt i pried her mouth open, when it fell i said GOOD DROP! & then she caught on & now drops whenever i say drop it.
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