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I started with my home doors. The dogs have to sit - and not at the door - but at least 6' from the door. Then I tell them "Free Dog" and they can come out. Every time I go out the door I tell them the same thing. Hondo is the only one who has to start at the door and then remembers to go back to the 'sitting spot'.....everytime. He'll get it sooner or later.

I have a gate that seperates my front yard & house (about an acre) from the barn and pastures. Even if the gate is wide open the dogs have to wait to be allowed to go through the gate. Hondo is really good at this one, unless he is in hot pursuit of a cat.

When I walk up the drive to get the mail, Hondo comes with. When I get to the front gate, he has to sit and wait till I take his collar, then we cross the street to the mail box. My gate for the front fence sits far enough off the road so a truck and trailer can pull in off the road before the gate is opened. So if Hondo should forget and start through the gate, I have enough time to tell him "EH!" and he'll stop dead.

But remember - through those scenarios I always watch for outside stimulus - someone riding a bike or walking down the street...a cat on the porch....a squirrel or cat in the pasture. I don't trust them 100% ever, and will always correct as soon as they focus on the wrong thing.....or grab the collar if I think I've lost them before I could correct.
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