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Yes, with both of my dogs.

Stark waits at the door, knows when someone knocks where he is to go, and if not told to sits then he knows he can not pass the closet.

Same goes for my parents property. They live on a few acres of land which is surrounded by farmland. He knows that he is not to pass the tree boundry or go pass the first set of trees/garage (about 100ft from the road).

I taught him this by putting a leash on and stepping into his path every time he tried to come forward. I would say, "wait" or "ah ah" depending on what he was doing.

He also knows that when the car door is open, he is not to get in or out unless told too. Same technique.

I use this with his crate as well, when told to go in, he is to go in and wait, even if the door is open.

I think teaching boundries is a great idea but I would never 100% rely on them like leaving a dog unattended, etc. no matter how well trained they are.
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