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Loved the videos! Keep them coming!

Loved when you used the toy to play and get her back to position rather than taking her by the collar. These are the best times to use our fist full of treats to keep them interacting and WANTING to be with us, or the toy is also great. Part of agility is getting them to WANT to do it (not have to) and most dogs don't enjoy us grabbing their collar as much as following a fistful of treats! Being with us IS worth a reward, as much as doing the weaves or getting their contacts....

How great is agility class with all the offleash crazy but (for the most part) our dogs listen and stay with us!!!! Classes like this are a huge help for later when I see you at Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Love how you calmly waited when she came off the dogwalk, and she fixed herself! That shows you are doing well and she's really understanding (but still learning). Great job on the 2on/2off on aframe, dogwalk and the teeter!

How much are you paying the cameraman? He did a great job! (Just noticed I 'loved' alot about the video :) )
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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