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Talking Dog

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I have been asked if my white GS (pure bred) is a mix with a husky dog, you see, she talks alot, just like a husky does!!!!!!!! It's very funny, quite endearing even.
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GSD's are very vocal! Mine make the weirdest noises soemtimes!
Here is my talking dog. I have stopped some of the whining by teaching her to make other human words. Now instead of whining at the back door she says herrrlllloooowww. She says "I love you" for a treat too

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Mine does too--she groans, she whines, she woofs, she complains, she even makes what we call "monkey sounds" (oooh oooh, ahhh ahhh!). It's pretty cute!
Rocky has one noise he makes that sounds like a donkey LOL

That was so hysterical!
thank you Kerry's: My dog was so whiney and barky that I was trying for years to teach her not to whine and bark so much. We converted some of the behavior like whining for snacks. We turned the snack thing into 'cutie' where she puts her head on the chair arm or couch and just looks at one of us and then she is rewarded for doing 'cutie'. Whining at the back door is now hellloooowww...annoying but not as bad...almost funny
nice video!!
My late Yukon was a constant chatterer - I used to call him CHATTY CATHY. He let everyone know his opinon about everything. Bruiser is a moderate talker, not as bad as Yukon but if he gets on a roll he can be equally as chatty.
Arycrest....Chatty Cathy...oh boy I had one of those as a kid:) My first dog barely spoke. The one I have now is almost impossible to shut up.

Thanks wrenny; I love you and hello are about the only sounds she makes that we could use our imagination and make them human words. All the other noises are mostly whining and barking. But I am trying for our next group of words....I hold up a frisbee and try to get her to say I want it. Unfortunately it 's just not happening.
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