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My female GSD chased her tail CONSTANTLY. The majority of the advice I got from people who didn't know me was "You're not exercising her enough..she's bored..etc". I took her everywhere to wear her out and had her out constantly. It didn't matter how much I got her out or wore her out physically and mentally, her tail was her arch nemesis that must be caught. She would wake up out of a dead sleep...just to chase her tail.

That being said, I'm not sure about the seizure deal. She ended up passing from bloat/intestinal torsion which I believe was a result of the tail chasing since she had an empty stomach and was inside the house when it happened. I never thought I would miss all that annoying tail chasing :(
i'm sorry for your loss. i understand what you are saying when you say you thought you would never miss all that annoying tail chasing. we love them in spite of thier problems.
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