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Tail Chasers???

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Timber just recently started chasing his tail. Its kinda funny but it makes me wonder if he's getting enough excersize. He walks in total a little over a mile every day plus plays with his toys inside the house. ie. chasing balls, chasing the laser light and playing by himself. He is 4 months old. He also spends overnight in his crate, two hours in the mid morning and about two hours in the evening while Im picking up the kids after their after school sports.
Whats funny to me is how he will grab his tail and almost try, like, running away with it in his mouth like he just found something awesome.
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Recently there was a thread from a woman at Tufts U. asking for gsds with compulsive behaviors like tail chasing, to participate in a behavior study they're doing. You might want to look for it and participate. Apparently gsds have a higher incidence of tail chasing and the light thing than other breeds. Her name is Nicole Cottman if you want to look for it, but I agree- redirect him before it gets worse
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