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Reich has never been trustworthy near cats. Always wanted to chase and snag the small furry scurriers.

We spent alot of timeat my mother's the past couple of weeks, and she has a large white siamese mix male. He's older, around 12, big, and not afraid of dogs. It's as if he KNOWS not to run when they approach.

Now, when we walk in...she goes right over to him, sniffs, licks, and moves along.

She made a kitty buddy!

Taking this milestone a step farther, she was granted slight and restricted access to the 'cat room' upstairs this evening.

I have my female Bobbi, and her two offspring...Lilly and Leo. This bad kitty owner did not get her cat spayed before she escaped in heat. But, she only had two kittens...and they stay here as my responsibility.

Anyhoo....Bobbi and Lilly are anti-dog. Hiss, puff, swat and run. Leo, OTOH, is very confident and generally calm. He wasn't about to let her interrupt his snack. He greeted her with a sniff and went about what he was doing.
Reich sniffed back, and just watched him. No tensing up, no noises, just calm and relaxed.
BIG improvement from barking and trying to lunge/chase!

We may get some dog/cat harmony going here after all!

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Woohoo! Sounds marvelous! Good going Reich, and Reichsmom for this big training/behaviour milestone!

What a big weight off your shoulders, just to know that the cats won't constantly be an issue. One big happy family.
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