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If I were the person getting dragged on my butt by my dog, I would want help! I think if you were very careful about how you brought it up, and approached the topic slowly (don't mention your fears that the dog will get loose and hurt your dog), kind of feel the guy out a bit, then say things like:

"I went through that same thing!" People like to know they aren't alone in their failings.

"Isn't it awful when the dog lunges, boy it took me a while to train my dog not to do that, but in the end it wasn't too hard..." Hope for questions at this point.

Best to do this without the added pressure of your dog around. Maybe take a walk alone and hope to run into them. Make sure to throw in lots of compliments of their dog too, that might help move things alone in a friendly way.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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