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I posted in another forum about some bad behaviors my 2 year old female GSD is displaying. My husband is in the national guard and is the main handler of her and recently was put on orders. Since he has left, I am now in charge of her care and I have noticed over the past couple months she is displaying some negative behaviors I would like to learn to correct.
I am looking for dog classes or trainer suggestions in my area. So far the only ones I found were at pet smart....and I am a little nervous taking her, as the other dogs are mainly smaller breeds and she is 81 lbs. One of her bad habits she has shown lately is getting snippy/growling/showing teeth at other dogs. She also has a loud bark and sounds quite I would prefer someone with large dog experience.
I live in Palm Coast but within driving distance to St Augstine and Daytona.
Suggestions appreciated!
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