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Hi folks,
I have, what I think, is the beginnings of an aggressive dog and would like some suggestions.

My 6 mo. old is generally pretty good when she "meets" someone new, but I'm still very cautious. When I introduce her to someone new, I keep her on leash and gradually let her come close to the "stranger". As long as I feel she'll mind her manners, and she generally does, I let her sniff and make friends with the stranger. She's generally pretty good with "people", but strange dogs (puppies or adults) are becoming a concern.

She will most often bark and, I'm sorry to say, show her teeth and lunge, at other dogs. If the other owner is willing to very carefully let the two dogs come closer and let them sniff, etc., she'll generally be O.K. But, her initial reaction is to growl, bark, etc. and I'm concerned about this behavior.

I'll give you a little background on her environment.

We brought her home from the breeder at about 8-9 weeks of age. We have about .50 acre backyard so she has plenty of room to play. As soon as she had most of her shots, we started walking her to a nearby shopping center where we have coffee, and she can sit on the sidewalk as watch the passers-by and an occasional dog owner. My wife is home with her all day and keeps her out of mischief; as well as she can with a puppy, right?

For the most part, she enjoys the attention from people (although she does occasionally bark at someone). My concern is her behavior toward other dogs.

Comments? Suggestions? I welcome them all.

Thank you all.

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