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Angus has always been our angel dog. He responds to commands the first time, never destroyed anything, gentile, never steals food, etc. He's everything that I hope Freyja becomes.

Suddenly Angus has begun to misbehave. Last Friday I came home to discover the trash can had been raided. I blamed the cat as she is a known counter surfer, but only when the dogs are outside or locked in the bedroom with us. Yesterday I caught Angus with his head in the trash. I figured it was a new behavior he picked up post cat. Today he's tried several more times. Today, angus also counter surfed for the first time in his entire life. He stole a muffin from the counter as I was Greeting the UPS man. He has also started sneaking onto furniture and has decided that I no longer need to be obeyed and procrastinates listening to my husband.

We haven't changed anything in our life, nor have we decreased the amount of attention he receives, both get lots of positive attention, and we practice NILIF. Further, Freyja hasn't changed her behavior at all. As many of the new behavior changes center around food I am worried that his EPI may be flaring up, but his stool is still firm and dark brown. What could be going on?
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