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Originally Posted By: MaedchenNILIF is so helpful.

I'd be curious why NILIF is helpful in a fearful dog? I find it would rather confuse him more, since he finds himself punished all the time for basically nothing. I believe it's helpful for pushy dogs, but rather harmful in fearful dogs. JMO though.

I would certainly try T-touch, acupuncture and also Bachflower remedies. I would not walk around the house whispering though, and get the dog used to louder noises by people other than yourself while he is experiencing something positive- and have the noise come from a further distance and slowly decrease the distance.
I'm also having a hard time understanding why you would think NILIF is punishment??? I use this with all my dogs, Most fosters that come to me have had some sort of bad history, and the NILIF helps tremedously. Its not punishment, its structure. It actually encourages learning proper behavior quicker and avoids correction. This works by the dog gaining confidence on his behavior, lots of praise and rewards for good behavior, redirection and patience with wrong behavior. I have never had to tell a foster no, I ask for a behavior, then steps.

I also have had fearful dogs in foster, My first one, Max, was very bad, he would pee if anyone raised their voice or took his collar. I dont think you should look at this strictly as a setback, I think you can use this to gain even more trust. I think, if you continue to treat him as you have, soft voice, soft hands and not reacting to his fear issues, Did you apoligize to him??? I'm wondering, because if you did, the tone may have sounding like you did something wrong, and actually increased his feelings of "see, I was right, when voices get raised, I get hurt", if next time, you simply say "silly dog, slow down next time" and leave it, he may snap out of it quicker...........just a thought. Sometimes they react off of our own reactions. They watch us for cues........Good luck, and I also want to thank you for adopting....There is nothing more rewarding than seeing one of these beautiful animals get into a home that loves them and helps them get over their troubled past.
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