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We're going through a similar situation right now with our current foster. I have a bit more information about Duke's background, but also wonder what was done to shatter his confidence. He also plays hard with our other dogs and his submission with us turns to a more aggressive posture with strangers. I know there are past threads on submissive urination and I found a lot of good suggestions in those.

Duke has more peeing incidents with my SO than with me - could be the male vs. female voice and Brian's size is more threatening. He also refuses to accept that he can't reason with them. For me, it's almost more about training the human male to dial it back.

I think you were on the right track with obedience and watching Tilden's body language for cues. We do the same and have seen improvement; Duke has been with us since late December. Steps forward and steps back happen for us too. He can't tell us, "hey, that's scaring me, so we can't always choreograph his life. If he does start to go into that ears back slinking posture, I ask him to sit. It usually works to refocus him and we can go back to whatever we were doing.

We're lucky enough to also have an excitable pee-er. Our Ward will be 3 at the end of the month and we adopted him when he was about 9 months. He has pretty much outgrown the problem for about the last year, but there are still days when the sight of Daddy's car is just too much! Good luck and thank you for adopting!
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