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Originally Posted By: BowWowMeowAlthough it sounds like boot camp and is used for dogs who need to learn their place in the pack, it is NOT punishment. It is about consistency and boundaries. Dogs who are lacking in confidence crave consistency and boundaries. It helps tremendously in building confidence. I think of NILIF as a reward based program. Dogs does something, gets rewarded. Pretty soon they are feeling a lot better about themselves because they learn they that can only do everything right and not wrong! The 4 dogs I've adopted have all had confidence issues and all have thrived on NILIF. I am a fair and consistent leader, they know exactly what is expected of them and they feel more secure overall!
Exactly! That's what I love about NILIF, it's appropriate for ANY dog, no matter what the age or backround, even very young puppies. The dog learns exactly what's expected of them, and that they can control their environment by playing by the rules, which are always clear and consistent. If they choose not to comply, nothing happens! Nothing good, but nothing bad either. There is no force or punishment involved, and it can be adapted as necessary depending on the particular dog. It's the complete opposite of confusing. An easy compliant dog doesn't need it as much as a pushy dominant dog, but certainly won't be harmed by it either.

Dena has always been a very easy dog, but although she'll be 4 years old in September she still has to sit or down until released to eat meals. And she knows it, so she does it automatically. She knows how to ask for ball play at the park by sitting and giving eye contact. She knows I won't let her into the cat room unless she sits, so if she's standing by the door when I'm going in to feed the kitties in the morning all I have to do is look and her and she immediately plops her butt on the floor.

Calone, are you looking for an option to just training him on a flat collar? If you want a little more control, but he's fearful on other kinds of collars, you might try using a front hook harness like the Easy-Walk, or Sense-ation:
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