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Stupid puppy question

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The puppy isn't stupid, but the question may be.

Jackson is 8 weeks old, have had him two weeks and he is a great little dog..he seems to be well adjusted to the house, the older dog, the cats hate him, but they hate everyone so no surprise question is, is it normal for a puppy to be a little standoffish? He is great to play and interact with his humans, but when it comes to nap time, he wants as far away as other words, he isn't much of a cuddler. Is this normal for pups? He sure doesn't show any fear, so I don't think that's the case.
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It may not be normal for all pups but normal for your pup.

I have one that wants to be with me every minute. Is definately a cuddler. The other likes to be around me but goes off by herself to be alone often.

Your puppy is still new though so he may be adjusting. Anytime I brought a new dog home it seems as if they were similiar to what you are describing. Then a few months later I couldn't get them away from me!
Ava was the same way. She was okay playing with me, playing with Cooper but when it came to nap time she wasn't ready to let her guard down, basically she didn't fully trust me yet. So, I just gave her her space and before I knew it she would start getting closer and closer to me. If you were to see her with me now you never believe that story, but it's the truth.

Jackson will come around just pet him a little bit when he's laying down and then walk away and let him nap. That is what I did.
every puppy is different. i had a golden retriever puppy that would not sleep unless she was basically on top of me being cuddled. max, my GSD on the other hand, prefers to sleep in my door way then in the bed with me. hes not a cuddly guy by any means, even as a little puppy. hes now 1 1/2 yrs. he interacts great with people and dogs, very friendly. but as soon as i start babying him or hugging him he kindly walks away lol like please mom im too cool for that but he tolerates long as your pup isnt fearfull or skittish, and as long as they tolerate being cuddled and touched and arent mean about it, i dont see an issue. any updated pics of jackson??=]
OK, thanks...he isn't skittish at all, more like he is "tolerating" me...let's me pet him for a minute, then walks away...but mercy when he is fully awake he is all over my feet....

I posted a pic yesterday for his 8 weeks...the thread is Face of Innocence or something like that...he really is a love.
Mine has never been a cuddler unless hes TOTALLY beat. If i try to cuddle, he thinks its time to play.
My boy really doesn't like to cuddle unless it means he getting petted at the same time, and our girl likes to lay right up against us. Most of the time though they would rather lay away from us like by the door or on the kitchen floor.
I posted a very sumilar question during the first few weeks of having my pup. Quincy loved being around me but wasn't crazy about being petted or gushed over. So different than my boxer.

Quincy is now 6 months and better about being cuddled but still would prefer to be close to me but not messed with.
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