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"Stud tail"

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Anyone heard of this term before? "Stud tail".... a friend of mine that is a dog groomer said they call a hot spot on a dog's tail "stud tail"... has something to do with the testosterone levels etc etc.. normally with UN-neutered males...
She was looking at Cody's hot spot on his tail and said that is what it is...
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I've heard it before with cats to describe oily spots on the tail where there are weird deposits. Never seen it myself though.

Did a quick google search, and it's all re: cats. This might help though.
Thank you for the article. She said to shave the area, which I have not done yet... it was worse this morning again
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I have been told not to shave hotspots. I use the brown Listerine and Goldbond footpowder to help reduce the itching and redness...
I shaved one of Dante's hot spots, it was hard to get anything down into it through all his fur.
I use 50/50 ACV/Water.

Where is Cody's hotspot? Dante's are always on the top of his back near the base of his tail. He's had 2, one prior to neuter and one after.

Which reminds me, I better get his Advantage on him so he doesn't get another!!
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What is an actual "hot spot" mean? Can it be an insect bite too?
His hot spot is right by the base of his tail... I have been cleaning it twice a day now with hydrogen perioxide and applying hydrocortisone on it and it seems to be helping. HE is not chewing on it anymore. It is clean and not infected so I am sure it is not itching him either.
I did not shave it.
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