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Stormy in Tamaqua, PA

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Stormy is an unfixed female born 1/27/01. She has had one litter. She is micro-chipped but Chris does not which company. She also was very good as far as tugging her tail, looking in her mouth touching both ears, pinching the inside of her thigh. When I touched her feet there was a reaction. She just pushed my hand away with her nose, but no aggression. I did try again latter and got the same reaction.

When I gave her treats she was told to sit which she did. She was told to take the treat nice and she did. I laid one in front of her and then went to pick it up from her and she let me.

Faults: during a thunderstorm she gets afraid and can open the kennel gate. Since she is in a barn she can not go anywhere. How she would react in a house is anyones guess. She was only in the house to have the pups and for a short time after. She also pulls on a leash but seems to settle down after a while. She does not like the other female dog. After I sat and played with her Chris put her in the outside kennel. When she brought the other female out Stormy did lunge towards her. The other female reacted but did not initiate anything. Not much interaction with small children so this is unsure but does love to be loved. The more I touched and played with her the better she liked it.

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