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YEAH! I wanted to pass this info onto you GSD owners with itchy pups. As I was reading the other posts, this is the season for major itching. London has already suffered through one winter of constant itching in 2009. I was not about to give up this year.

I realize that each dog is allergic to various and different allergens. But there seems to be something in the air at this time of year that many cannot deal with. London was going beserk. Chewing, scratching, itching his entire body especially at night. I felt so sorry for him.

So this is what has worked for us:

1. Dry food : Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison
2. Moist Food: Wellness ninty-five percent BEEF or LAMB (NO chicken, turkey or other poultry)
3. Cooked Ground Beef on occassion (grass fed - no antibiotics from Whole Foods)
4. Supplements: Petco Allergy Tabs (which contain Vitamin C, Quercetin, grape seed extract, probiotics and other good stuff); Derm Caps ES (Linoleic Acid, Vitamin E and more good stuff).
5. I give him a full body oil massage at night with Walgreen's Skin Oil with Vitamin E (it has nothing in it but vitamin E and safflower oil). A little dab goes a LONG way. It seems oily when I first apply it but it really soaks in and it's gone by morning. I also brush him right after the massage to distribute the oil in his skin. I really noticed how DRY his skin was once I got up close and examined it. Plus, this oil has helped me from getting cracked hands as well.
6. We bought a humidifier from Costco and put it in our bedroom.
7. London sleeps at the foot of my bed. I put a fleece blanket down there for him and every evening before he climbs in, I shake it out really good ooutside in the cold to get rid of those possible dust mites. I try to vacuum/dust my bedroom every other day or at least every week.

I know it seems like a lot. But it has made a world of difference. He was getting so bad that he had sores on his skinny long legs.:(

Once we get past this season, I don't have to do all this stuff and he can pretty much eat anything (chicken, turkey, etc) without any problems. It's just during this time that I have to eliminate the allergens and keep the barrier function of his skin at maximum performance.

I hope this helps others.:)
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