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Stop opening doors! Help.

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When we are gone, our 2y/o has the run of the house (no basement, bedrooms or office) and hasn't been destructive. However, despite the fact that he has access to fresh water all day, he prefers to open the bathroom door, lift the lid and the seat and help himself to toilet water.

Then, on Sat my husband and I came home and our kitchen floor looked like a landfill. He got into our garbage (in our pantry) and helped himself to all that, and some junk food in the pantry. Needless to say, he's still a little "runny."

Anyway, short of changing all the doorhandles (we don't have round knobs, we have the long kind that dogs can easily pull down on) what can we do to keep him from opening doors? Does the bitter apple stuff work? Thanks!
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Try those things that are used for little kids. They are plastic and are placed on the inside of the door. My mom used to have them when she used to babysit. Not sure where to get them. Hope this helps.
If it were me I'd already be at Home Depot buying door handles or the slide locks that you install high on the door to keep it closed. Those are often used for kids as well.
Jesse shocked me yesterday when I was taking a shower with the door closed he managed to get it open by the door handle and hop into the shower with me (he is only 24 weeks today)
Don't they have some sort of devise to "baby proof" the toilet too? Seems like I saw them somewhere. Some sort of clamp or something you put on it so that the lid cannot be lifted.

If the "slide locks" mentioned are the type I am thinking of, they work great. BUT, they only work on doors that open OUT. If it is a door that opens AWAY from you when you open it, they won't work.

Do you have any baby gates? What about putting one across the doorway even though the door is closed?
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