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During the day I'll bet he does nothing but sleep most of the time when you're not around. Dogs have a habit of all but shutting down when we're not by them! If you're with him, that's great, do lots of playtime.

I noted a walk and lots of ball play, but no training! Dogs get the most tired when they have to work their brains. Train the puppy several times a day- a couple minutes many times during the day will go a lot farther than one 15 minute session (and the puppy would not last through a long session). The GSD is one breed where physical exercise doesn't do nearly as much as mental exercise. In fact, my dog is more tired after holding a long down outdoors and other simple obedience commands around a ton of distractions than he is after a half hour of hard-running fetch!

You'll find your pup will be doing MUCH better after mixing in a lot of mental work with his exercise. You can also turn mealtime into training- portion out one of his usual meals then give each kibble bit-by-bit in exchange for working commands. If he's hungry he'll be very motivated! You don't have to go through the whole bowl; after a really awesome response, you can put down the bowl and let him finish. Or you can scatter his kibble around the house (remember where you put them), hiding some, and this will teach him to use his nose and '"hunt" for his food. Tracking is a big mental game and it'll go a long way towards ensuring a tired pup. Have you thought about puppy classes? You can be sure that the nights after puppy class he'll be passed out from exhaustion.

In all, this pup needs a lot more mental exercise and probably more physical exercise. Try to go for longer walks whenever possible (not too long at this age); walks can be very stimulating for the mind. Keep things fun and upbeat!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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