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STILL no papers from the SV... help?

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So the saga continues. Last I heard the papers had been received by my contact in Germany and she said she would mail them to me. That was... 3 months ago. This has been going on for 9 months now!!

Can anyone check with the SV to see if there really are papers for my girl? She's over a year old now!

Her Tatoo # is PB 6276, and her name is Aga Vom Kleinen Hölzchen
Birthday is November 5th, 2006

Her breeder was Reinhold Wolf... though he's not very helpful.... initially he was part of the problem. Lot's of drama for those who remember this from last year.

I don't have her litter number or any info on the parents.

Being outside of Germany now, and not a member of the SV... it makes this really complicated! I tried to help myself through the SV webpage... but I couldn't find anything helpful after I translated the page to English.

Please help! We can't compete until we're AKC, can't be AKC until we get the SV!
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You can email Sabine with the SV at [email protected]

She should be able to help you.

Thank you so much, I emailed and she sent back exactly the form I needed, and in English too!
She is really good at helping the English speaking people. I am gald you got the info you needed.
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