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Still chasing his tail at 1.5yrs!

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Hi all this is my first post! Actually signed up to post it! (And from looking around I know I came to the right place!)

* OK so my bf's shepherd, Shane, non obsessive in all other ways, chases his tail at least once a week and no matter what methods of distraction we try he goes right back to doing it the moment we sit down, thinking we had gotten him to forget!
We command him to leave it, we restrain him, we tell him to lay down, we do a full training session (which he participates in with full attention), we play with him - none of it stops him from going right back to it!
This isn't a new habit, but we thought for sure he would grow out of it :(
Please, does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance for your advice!
Sherman's Ma, Tina
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So I just wanted clarify that the actual problem is that he gets so in the zone that he doesn't react to anything! Nothing!
He bumps into everything, and actually pulls hair out of his tail! So I'm not sure if it doesn't seem like a problem, but it sure seems like one when you know his normal behavior and then see him acting like this.
Any advice at all??
gosh i've never dealt with this behavior but it must be very frustrating. just want to say that sometimes traffic on the board is down on the weekends and that may be why people are slow to respond.

welcome to the board, there's lots of knowledge here, i'm sure someone will chime in with their opinion, tho i think it's a fairly complicated problem and one that may be hard to correct. i'm not usually one to suggest this but i'm wondering about medication.

anyone else have some input???
All I know about tail chasing is that it is anxiety. How much exercise is the dog getting physically and mentally?

I don't think I've ever heard of someone "curing" it but you can do a lot to prevent it with physical and mental exercise and just trying to catch it before it starts. I don't think that I would restrain him when he does as it as that would obviously stress him out more.

Hopefully someone else will have good advice. Have you gone to a behaviorist?
Anal glands? Flea allergy?

Balto had a flea allergy when he was a puppy and ripped a bunch of hair off his tail, his brother did the same.
Definitely agree to rule out anal glands and flea/parasite/itchy thing. I have a dog who shows her anal glands need to be cleaned by spinning/biting/chasing the tail/back end.

Here is another thread:

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Check those out and then feel free to comment respond on your thread here - welcome!
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