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Stem cells hold promise for aliling dogs

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This is an interesting article on some of the latest stem cell research which could affect a lot of our pups - "... stem cells, extracted from the dog's own fat, used to regenerate tissue in its ailing joints".

The article goes on to say, "The procedure costs $2,500, and it only treats the arthritic condition. It doesn't cure it."
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a new hope, it is fantastic. it doesn't cure it for now but in the near future I think cure might be possible. I'm also very obsessed about how to prolong our dogs lifespan. 10-12 years of lifespan for a GSD, why not 20 or 25.? I read the posts related loss of a dog. As soon as I read it, I think of my baby boy and ''what am I gonna do?''. I don't know how to cope with it. Ohh god please help us to prolong our dog's lifespan...
i have seen the article on this. it is great, but, i bet its very $$$$$$. if you had a younger dog premature arthritic symptoms or similar issues it might be worth it.
not sure of the whole proceedure, wondering if it would be worth it for an older dog.
but, its good that there are new options in that dept. and hopefully more research will be done.

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