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This is my first post here, but I think this may be a good resource to spread the word about my foster dog, Buster. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Buster, is a 7 year old GSD located in State College, Pennsylvania. He was taken in by a local all-breed rescue in early November 2012 . He was in the shelter from then until late March, when he went into a foster home. He has some long-term significant skin issues causing massive hair loss, but we seem to be getting them under control with a good diet as well as a combination of medications and supplements under the direction of a local vet. Currently 95 lbs, he's also about 20 lbs underweight.

Buster is neutered, completely house and crate trained, knows basic commands, and walks well on a leash.

Ideally, Buster will go to a home with no dogs or calm dogs that won't jump on or engage in rough play with him due to his sensitive skin. Buster does very well with the two resident dogs in his foster home (50 lbs and 85 lbs) but they all generally ignore each other. I think he'd be very happy as an only dog with all the human attention on him. I'm told that Buster has lived with cats in the past, but I have not seen him interact with cats, so I cannot speak to how he is with them.

Additionally, I would recommend a home with no children under 12 years old. There are no children in his foster home, and while he has done well with the children that he has met on his daily walks, his skin has been so sensitive for so long that he's hyper-aware about where he's being touched and he has areas that he simply does not want touched, especially on his legs and back end. If there are children in the home, they MUST be old enough to understand this and respect his boundaries regarding touching.

In the 5 weeks that Buster has been in foster, there has been a drastic improvement in his skin and hair regrowth. He's happier, healthier, and a more confident dog. I believe that he's ready to transition into a permanent home that will continue his road to an eventual full recovery. Questions can be directed to Melanie at [email protected]. You can also follow his progress on his Facebook page, Buster's Battle, found here: Buster's Battle | Facebook.


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