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starting puppy training

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i did a bit of googling, but thought i'd ask here.

i'm going to take neb to puppy classes, but he's too young to go now in terms of his shots/etc.

i was thinking of starting to work w/him in the meantime....i'm already working on exposing him to stuff (he's done very well, though while he ignored the vacuum cleaner and the cat at my mom's yesterday, he did bark at one of my cats last night, though he quieted down quickly; i took him into their room this morning and all was fine), and we are working on housebreaking, of course.

when do you start teaching puppies commands? neb is pretty good at coming when i call him, i highly doubt he knows his name or anything, i assume he is responding to my voice (fun and excited) and my body language, as he obviously also doesn't know 'come' as a command.

mostly right now i'm thinking housebreaking, exposure, and having fun with him, since he's such a little dude. i've started tugging w/him, and letting him win and making a fuss over him.

what age should i start thinking of working on commands?
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Wow Jarn I thought you weren't getting Neb for another week. We started Jesse learning commands the day he was brought into the house at 8 weeks and learned very very fast. Congrats.
i wasn't supposed to....i posted that b/c of circumstances at the foster's house (including the adoption of his mom, intake of another litter of puppies and a stressed foster mom w/a lot of dogs trying to make sure no cross-contamination occured w/all the dogs and puppies) i decided that even though i'm away this coming weekend, and he is young, that it was best for me to take him - she called on saturday and asked me to get him, she said if she had to she could keep him until after the trip to montreal next weekend, but it was clearly not ideal for him. and w/his mom gone, that removed a lot of the reasons for me wanting to stay in foster until 7.5, 8 weeks. i didn't really want to take him in at 6 weeks, not b/c i don't want him, but just from a socialization perspective. since he was in a crate there that was cleaned 2X/day, i figured it was better he be home w/me, and so he can get more positive attention and be around dogs in luc and teagan and hopefully that will help in terms of his socialization/development. teagan is being amazing with him, i'm so proud, and luc has decided that neb is exciting and not scary, but he's not quite the best at inviting neb to play - luc is all shiny-eyed and grinning, and he'll play bow at neb and the do a bunch of deep 'ruff ruff ruffs' at him, which i think kind of spoils the effect of the play bowing. still, neb seems to really like him, both of them, actually.

but thanks! okay, i'm going to start teaching him some basic stuff then. he seems like a really nice calm, smart puppy, playful and sweet.

and he's bi-eyed, which i couldn't tell when i adopted him (signed the adoption contract) as he was too little, but i love. b/tw that and his little husky-style howl (i have a pic of it in the pics section), he's more husky-like than i expected
but then maybe his dad was husky, or husky cross, his mom is a lab/husky mix, and she's bi-eyed too.
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I started right away too. Very short fun sessions with lot of happy praise and tiny treats. They have almost no attention span at that age, but they are very capable of learning.

What I worked on in the first few weeks was name recognition, come, watch, sit, down, find it (look for treat on floor), touch (nose to my palm), and walking next to me by luring with treats. I did all my training at home either off leash, or with them dragging a light nylon leash.
those are great - we've started on come and sit, and name recognition. and of course potty training, which is going really well

i still have him tethered to me at all times, but it has only been a day and a half.

LOL! i noticed the short attention span!

....though he's most focused when it comes to teagan. she's being so tolerant and gentle with him, which i expected, but i still love, given that she can be a bit of a hardass when she chooses (but inside she's really just a big mushball). i've started allowing them out together, supervising closely with both tethered, and neb has figured out that teagan is tolerant and likes him, so she has gained a little puppy burr (oh! is teagan going over there? i'll go too!) - i do make sure she can get away from him, but it's great - they were out in the yard, and she lay down in front of him and let him climb all over her muzzle, and sat there being so calm. when she decided that was enough, she just got up and left. luc keeps changing his mind about neb, but i expected that, and he's doing well.
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