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Okay, I've been reading and reading, and then reading some more, and I'm starting to get a pretty good idea of what the BARF diet is all about, how to go about it, what to feed, what not to feed, etc. This really is a great site for info!

Anyway, I have a 9 week old German Shepherd puppy. I just got her and already love her! With my huskies, I just fed them pedigree dry food, gave them all kinds of garbage "human food," and sometimes gave them canned food. I had no idea all that stuff was so bad for them. Now I know and won't make that mistake again!

So my question is, once my pup (her name is Cedar, because when we got her she smelled like cedar wood chips) reaches 4 months, I plan to start weaning her on a RAW diet. I'm still not too sure how to go about doing this. I've read some people say to start her on chicken only for the first couple weeks. Well I can't really just give her nothing but chicken, can I? Should I cut up the chicken breast into small strips, or just give it to her whole and let her do her thing? Should I get skinless chicken breasts, or is skin okay for them to have?

I guess I'm just looking for advice how to get my puppy started on a raw diet. What to give her, what not to give her until a certain age, whether I should go with carbs and fruit/veggies, or skip those altogether? Should I go with supplements or not? If so, just a multi-vitamin and salmon oil, or is there more I should give her?

Is there certain raw foods a dog should never have? I read some people say not to give a dog beef because it's a known allergen in many dogs, but then I read how many people are giving their dogs beef hearts, beef marrow bones, steaks, etc. So I'm getting lots of conflicting info, and for a novice like me, it's confusing.

So any advice you have towards starting my puppy on this diet will be really appreciated.

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